We produce Insulation Materials certified in European Standards, produced with sustainable techniques without harming the environment, durable and offering high thermal insulation.



We always adopt environmentally sensitive production in all our product groups.

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With our advanced production technology, we produce products with certified quality.

Our Products


WARM Stone Wool is a natural insulation material obtained with a special process in which volcanic rocks such as basalt, dolomite and diabase.


WARM Therm EPS is used for closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam made for thermal insulation and construction applications.


WARM Therm XPS are foam materials with a homogeneous cell structure, the raw material of which is polystyrene, produced and used for thermal insulation.


WARM Stone Wool Pipe is a bare or aluminum foil coated stone wool pipe used in mechanical installation insulation


WARM Flex Rubber is an extremely flexible, expanded, synthetic thermal insulation material obtained from rubber foam.


It includes the complementary product groups needed to apply thermal insulation materials to related areas.

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