Stone Wool Price Per Square Meter

Stone wool is obtained by melting inorganic raw materials at 1350°C-1400°C and turning them into fibers. Stone wool is produced in special sizes and dimensions according to its usage area. Stone wool has become indispensable for users due to its many benefits. Stone wool, which provides many comforts such as heat insulation, sound insulation, fire …

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Insulation Roof Panels

Insulation Roof Panels Roof insulation is done in order to ensure the safety and support the quality of the first day of the building. Roof insulation is very important. A building without a roof and without insulation is unthinkable. With roof insulation, the building is protected from hot and cold weather conditions such as rain …

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What is Rock Wool?

Stone wool is a building material that provides excellent protection against heat and cold. Among the reasons why stone rock wool is often preferred is the climate comfort it provides in four seasons. Heat , sound , fire insulation can be provided with stone wool . Stone wool is resistant to heat above 1000 degrees. …

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