Decorative Mineral Coating Plaster Mortar

Decorative Mineral Coating Plaster Mortar: Enhances aesthetics and provides a durable, textured finish for interior and exterior surfaces.

These are stone wool boards that do not have to have a very high compressive strength, but can support themselves in a vertical position. It is used in areas that require heat, sound, fire insulation and all kinds of acoustic details.

After the surface finish is made on the terraces and terrace roofs, the joints of the vapor barrier material will be glued by overlapping 10 cm. Then, the stone wool terrace plate will be laid on the surface and the polyethylene sheet will be laid on top. Slope concrete with trowel coating will be poured. After the corner bevels are completed, the waterproofing process will be blocked by overlapping the joints with the bitumen sheeting such as PVC, TPO or EPDM membranes and turning them into the parapets by gluing and sealing. After the water intake test, geotextile felt will be laid and protection and coating layers will be made. On top of the trapezoid metal roof, a layer of vapor barrier polyethylene will be placed by overlapping joints by 10 cm. Single or
double layer of stone wool plates will be fixed with trapezoidal screws. In cases where it is applied in 2 layers, stone wool is applied vertically and horizontally. As waterproofing layer, PVC, TPO or EPDM membranes is applied.

Product ID Density Thickness Dimensions (mm x mm) Package (piece) m²/Package m²/Package
TWTÇL15030 150 30 600x1200 8 5.76 1.666 2.833
TWTÇL15040 150 40 600x1200 6 4.32 1.250 2.125
TWTÇL15050 150 50 600x1200 4 2.88 1.000 1.700
TWTÇL15060 150 60 600x1200 4 2.88 833 1.416
TWTÇL15070 150 70 600x1200 3 2.16 715 1.214
TWTÇL15080 150 80 600x1200 3 2.16 625 1.063
TWTÇL150100 150 100 600x1200 3 2.16 500 850
TWTÇL150120 150 120 600x1200 2 1.44 416 700
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