WARM Therm White EPS

Expanded Polystyrene is a lightweight closed cell rigid insulation formed by the expansion of polystyrene beads. EPS has excellent long term thermal and moisture resistance. EPS insulation is reliable, cost effective and compatible with major construction materials systems. 

The product is made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and has a white thermal insulation panel. Offers high thermal insulation performance. Gas harmful to humans and the environment ara not used in its production.

It is used for external insulation of building walls, as well as for thermal insulation applications of insulation in terraces and hipped roofs. cells refrigerating rooms. It is particularly preferred in the passive domestic applications. Conservation information: Should be stored in a cool and ventilated, not humid environment. Avoid contact with direct sunlight and be near head sources.

Thanks to its high flexibility, it does not break,  does not disintegrate and is easily applied to the wall when cutting. It does not retain water, it is water repellent characteristic is increased and has a very low water absorption rate. (WL (T) 2 2 %). Maintains dimensional stability throughoul the life of the building. No gases that are used in its production.

Product Typo : EPS 50 , EPS 80 , EPS 100 , EPS 120
White Thermal Insulation Panel
Color : White
Thickness : Between 1cm – 2 cm
Dimensions : 50×100 cm
Edge Shape : Straight
Cellular Content : Air 98% , 2%
Polystyrene Packaging
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