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Flex Rubber: Versatile elastomeric material with sub-products like foam pipes and sheets. Get an offer now!


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Flex Rubber

FLEX Rubber is produced especially for heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, canal, pipe equipment and armatures by coating elastomeric rubber foam with PVC and aluminum foil.

No flammable, no burning, no explosive according to the requirements of DIN 4102 Bl.

Resistant against some chemicals such as acid, salt, benzene and water and water vapor. Not affected by harmful UV rays of the sun thus can be used in outdoor areas. For air conditioning canals, produced in the shape of Roll and Sheet in different sizes with one sticky side. Brings no additional mechanical load in the assembly. (lighter by 2 folds compared to aluminum sheet and 5 folds to galvanized sheet)


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WARM Flex Rubber

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What are the typical uses and industries that benefit from Flex Rubber products?

Flex Rubber products find applications in various industries and offer versatility for different uses. Here are some typical uses and industries that benefit from Flex Rubber:

  1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): Flex Rubber is commonly used in HVAC systems for insulation of pipes, ducts, and equipment, providing energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

  2. Construction and Building: Flex Rubber is used in construction for sealing, gasketing, weatherstripping, and as an insulation material for roofs, walls, and floors.

  3. Automotive and Transportation: Flex Rubber products are utilized in the automotive industry for gaskets, seals, hoses, and vibration-damping components, ensuring performance, noise reduction, and durability.

  4. Industrial Manufacturing: Flex Rubber is employed in various manufacturing processes, such as machinery, equipment, and sealing applications, where resilience, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals are essential.

  5. Electrical and Electronics: Flex Rubber products are used in electrical insulation applications, cable management, and as protective coatings for electronic components due to their electrical insulation properties.

These industries benefit from the versatility, resilience, and other unique properties of Flex Rubber products, which contribute to improved performance, energy efficiency, and durability in their respective applications.

Can Flex Rubber withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions?

Yes, Flex Rubber is known for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. It is designed to maintain its flexibility, resilience, and performance even in challenging environments. Flex Rubber products are engineered to resist degradation from heat, cold, moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. This makes Flex Rubber a reliable choice for applications where temperature variations and exposure to harsh weather conditions are common. Whether in hot or cold climates, Flex Rubber is designed to provide long-lasting performance and protection.

Wondering About Flex Rubber

Flex Rubber stands out with its exceptional flexibility, resilience, and durability, making it a superior choice over other rubber materials. It offers excellent insulation properties, sound absorption, and vibration damping capabilities. What sets it apart is its versatility, delivering reliable performance across a wide range of applications. Additionally, Flex Rubber is designed to be cost-effective, providing a combination of performance and affordability.

Yes, rubber is known for its flexibility. Rubber materials have a unique ability to stretch and deform under applied force, returning to their original shape once the force is removed. This inherent elasticity allows rubber to bend, twist, and compress without easily breaking or losing its shape. The flexibility of rubber makes it highly suitable for applications that require movement, shock absorption, or sealing capabilities. It is valued for its ability to provide a reliable and durable solution in various industries and applications.

Flex Rubber is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has been engineered to withstand diverse environmental conditions, including temperature variations, moisture, UV exposure, and weathering. This adaptability enables Flex Rubber to perform reliably in a wide range of settings, from residential and commercial buildings to automotive components and industrial equipment. With its ability to provide long-lasting performance in various environments, Flex Rubber is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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