Aluminium Tape

WARM Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminium Tape: Versatile adhesive tape for securing, sealing, and repairing with excellent heat and moisture resistance.

The aluminium tapes manufactured as standart in width of 5 cm, 7,5 cm and 10 cm are used to cover the joint points resulted during the application of rubber pipes and plates covered with aluminium folio. It is offered with the straight or mesh supported types because of its adhesiveness specification.

What is aluminum foil tape used for?

Aluminum foil tape is commonly used for various applications such as sealing, joining, and repairing. It is widely used in HVAC systems for sealing ducts and providing thermal insulation. Additionally, it finds utility in the automotive industry, construction projects, and electrical installations for its adhesive and heat-resistant properties.

Is aluminum foil tape heat resistant?

Yes, aluminum foil tape is heat resistant. It is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. The adhesive backing and the aluminum foil material can typically handle temperatures ranging from moderate to high, making it suitable for applications requiring heat resistance and thermal insulation.

Is aluminum foil tape waterproof?

Aluminum foil tape is generally considered water-resistant, but its waterproofing capability may vary depending on the specific product and its construction. While it can provide some degree of resistance to moisture and water, it may not be completely waterproof. If you require a higher level of waterproofing, it is recommended to use specialized waterproofing tapes or materials specifically designed for that purpose.

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