Lamella Pipe

WARM Lamella Pipe

Lamella Pipe: Corrugated design for efficient fluid flow, increased surface area, and improved hydraulic performance.

It is used for the insulation of large diameter pipes or inclined areas. Apart from ease of use; Foil application cannot be applied to stone wool mattresses with Rabitz wire. For this reason, it is an alternative product in applications PIPE where vapor permeability is not desired but will operate at high temperatures.

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Lamella Stone Wool Pipe

What is a Lamella Pipe, and how does it work?

A Lamella Pipe is a type of pipe with a corrugated design. It utilizes the principle of lamellar flow, where the corrugations create turbulence, enhancing fluid mixing and increasing the effective surface area for improved hydraulic performance.

What are the advantages of using Lamella Pipe?

Lamella Pipe offers several advantages. It promotes efficient fluid flow, minimizing pressure losses and reducing energy consumption. The increased surface area due to the corrugated design improves heat transfer in applications involving heat exchange. Additionally, the self-cleaning action of the Lamella Pipe reduces the risk of clogging or blockages.

How is Lamella Pipe installed and maintained?

Lamella Pipe is typically installed within tanks or vessels using support brackets or frames. The pipes are interconnected to create a modular system. Maintenance involves periodic inspection for any debris or buildup that may impact performance. Cleaning can be done using high-pressure water jets or mechanical means to ensure efficient fluid flow.

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