Lamella Stone Wool Blanket

WARM Lamella Stone Wool Blanket

Lamella Stone Wool Blanket: High-performance insulation with excellent thermal properties for versatile applications.

It is used for insulation between two walls in chimney production. Owing to the converted fiber, while the chimneys with increased strength serve for a long time, they do not transfer the high heat to be passed through to critical areas.

Lamella Stone Wool Blanket

What is Lamella Stone Wool Blanket, and what is it used for?

Lamella Stone Wool Blanket is a type of insulation made from stone wool fibers. It is used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in various applications, such as buildings, industrial processes, HVAC systems, and equipment.

What are the advantages of using Lamella Stone Wool Blanket insulation?

Lamella Stone Wool Blanket offers excellent thermal insulation properties, effectively reducing heat transfer. It also provides acoustic insulation, reducing noise transmission. Additionally, it is fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, durable, and resistant to rot or decay.

How is Lamella Stone Wool Blanket installed?

Lamella Stone Wool Blanket is typically installed by unfurling the blanket and cutting it to fit the desired dimensions. It can be placed between studs, joists, or other framing elements. Proper installation includes securing the blanket in place using appropriate fasteners and ensuring proper sealing to maximize insulation performance.

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