Prefabricated Stone Wool Pipe

Stonewool Prefabricated Pipe is selected according to the nominal diameter of the line to be applied. It is placed by opening from the cutting area. The application should be completed so that there is no gap in the joints.

Uncoated pipes are coated with bitumen emulsion or bituminous covers, galvanized or aluminum jacket. The joints of the coatings are fixed by gluing, clamping, riveting or screwing. Adhesive tape and vapor barrier foil coating on the overlap margin on aluminum foil coated pipes used in the insulation of cold lines makes installation very easy.

In this application, the joints of the two pipes should be closed with self-adhesive aluminum foil tapes of 7.5 cm width, thus preventing the passage of steam completely. If two layers are applied in the assembly of the pipes, the joints care should be taken to ensure that the final layer joint is at the bottom of the pipe.

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