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WARM Stone Wool Floating Type Floor Plate

Stone Wool Floating Type Floor Insulation Board: Superior Floor Insulation Board. Enhance comfort. Get an offer now!

It is a bare stone wool plate produced for areas that require compressive strength and require load bearing, sound insulation, vibration and fire resistance.

It is used for the floors of the buildings, floors between floors and under the vibration source base for the purpose of heat, sound and vibration insulation.

Plates placed on the floor are bonded to the lateral walls of the floor up to the height of the leveling concrete to prevent vibration transfer. Before the trowel coating is poured, it should be covered with a polyethylene fabric. When it is supported with wire and reinforcements (PP fiber), a layer without shrinking cracks will be obtained. Then the application is completed by covering the desired flooring material.

ID: Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Density (kg/m³) Package System Mega Truck Total (m²) Package System HC'40 Container Total (m²)
1 600 1200 30 110-120-150 8 3.041,28 8 2.188,80
2 600 1200 40 110-120-150 6 2.280,96 6 1.641,60
3 600 1200 50 110-120-150 3 1.805,76 3 1.296,00
4 600 1200 60 110-120-150 4 1.520,64 4 1.094,40
5 600 1200 70 110-120-150 3 1.235,52 3 885,60
6 600 1200 80 110-120-150 3 1.140,48 3 820,80
7 600 1200 90 110-120-150 3 950,40 3 604,80
8 600 1200 100 110-120-150 3 855,36 3 604,80
9 600 1200 110 110-120-150 3 760,32 3 540,00
10 600 1200 120 110-120-150 2 760,32 2 547,20
11 600 1200 130 110-120-150 2 696,96 2 446,40
12 600 1200 140 110-120-150 2 633,60 2 403,20
13 600 1200 150 110-120-150 2 570,24 2 403,20
14 600 1200 160 110-120-150 2 570,24 2 360,00
15 600 1200 170 110-120-150 2 506,88 2 360,00
16 600 1200 180 110-120-150 2 506,88 2 316,80
17 600 1200 190 110-120-150 2 443,52 2 316,80
18 600 1200 200 110-120-150 2 443,52 2 316,80

How To Insulate Floor Boards?

Insulating floor boards with confidence is a straightforward process that yields remarkable benefits.

1-Begin by ensuring a clean and dry surface. Measure the dimensions of the floor space to determine the required amount of insulation material. For optimal results, consider using Stone Wool Insulation Panels, a reliable choice known for their superior thermal and acoustic performance.

2-Cut the insulation panels to fit between the floor joists, leaving a snug but not compressed fit. Secure the panels in place using appropriate fasteners or insulation support clips. Pay special attention to sealing any gaps or joints to prevent air leakage.

3-Next, consider adding a vapor barrier beneath the insulation to block moisture intrusion. This helps maintain the integrity of the insulation and protects against potential damage caused by condensation.

4-Finally, cover the insulation with a suitable floor finish, such as plywood or floorboards, ensuring a smooth and level surface.

By following these steps and employing Stone Wool Insulation Panels, you can confidently insulate your floor boards. Experience the benefits of enhanced thermal efficiency, reduced energy costs, and improved acoustic comfort.

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What Insulation For Floors?

When it comes to insulation for floors, Stone Wool Floor Insulation stands as the ideal choice, delivering unmatched performance and value. Stone Wool, derived from volcanic rock, offers exceptional thermal insulation, effectively reducing heat transfer and enhancing energy efficiency. Its unique fiber composition traps air, creating a highly efficient barrier against temperature fluctuations.

Stone Wool Floor Insulation provides superior sound absorption, minimizing noise transmission between floors and creating a quieter, more peaceful environment. Its dense structure effectively dampens impact noise, ensuring optimal acoustic comfort.

What sets Stone Wool Floor Insulation apart is its exceptional fire resistance. It is non-combustible, providing a crucial layer of safety and peace of mind. In the event of a fire, Stone Wool’s fire-resistant properties help contain the spread of flames and limit the release of toxic gases.

Moreover, Stone Wool Floor Insulation is moisture-resistant, preventing water absorption and the growth of mold or mildew. It maintains its insulation properties, ensuring long-lasting performance even in damp environments.

By choosing Stone Wool Floor Insulation, you can confidently enjoy unparalleled thermal efficiency, excellent soundproofing, fire safety, and durability. Upgrade your floors with Stone Wool today and experience the utmost comfort and peace in your living or working space. Make the smart choice with Stone Wool Floor Insulation Board. Get An Offer Now

How Many Insulation Boards Do I Need?

Determining the number of Stone Wool Floor Insulation boards you need is a straightforward process. Start by measuring the total floor area that requires insulation. Next, consider the dimensions of the Stone Wool Floor Insulation boards you plan to use.

To calculate the quantity, divide the total floor area by the area covered by a single board. Keep in mind that it’s essential to account for any overlapping or wastage during installation. It’s recommended to purchase a slightly higher quantity to accommodate for these factors and ensure complete coverage.

Stone Wool Floor Insulation boards typically come in standard sizes, but it’s crucial to check the specific dimensions of the boards you intend to use. This information will help you accurately calculate the number of boards required.

For precise calculations and to account for any unique floor shapes or obstacles, consulting with a professional insulation installer can provide valuable guidance. They can assess your specific requirements and ensure optimal coverage and insulation performance.

Maximize the benefits of Stone Wool Floor Insulation by determining the correct quantity needed. Experience superior thermal efficiency and soundproofing in your space. Get An Offer Now!

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