Stone Wool Kalibel

WARM Stone Wool Kalibel

Stone Wool Kalibel: Versatile fire-resistant insulation for high-temperature applications, providing excellent thermal protection.

Kalibel is created bonding gypsum panel and stone wool to make them composite. In addition to thermal insulation. İt is primarily used in applications of internal insulation applications of buildings where sound insulation is required. It is fixed after applying adhesive plaster mortar on the wall. In order for WARM Kalibel to serve for many years, the quality of the products used in it’s production is not compromised.

Warm Stone Wool Kalibel

What is Stone Wool Kalibel and what is it used for?

Stone Wool Kalibel is a type of insulation material made from stone wool fibers. It is commonly used for thermal and fire protection in high-temperature applications such as industrial furnaces, boilers, kilns, and process equipment.

What are the advantages of using Stone Wool Kalibel insulation?

Stone Wool Kalibel offers several advantages. It has excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to reduce heat transfer and increase energy efficiency. It is fire-resistant and can withstand high temperatures, providing valuable protection against fire hazards. Stone Wool Kalibel is also durable, moisture-resistant, and has excellent sound-absorbing properties.

How is Stone Wool Kalibel installed and maintained?

Stone Wool Kalibel can be installed by cutting the material to the desired dimensions and securely fitting it around the equipment or structure using appropriate fastening methods. It is important to ensure proper sealing and coverage for optimal insulation performance. Maintenance typically involves periodic inspection for any damage or wear, and if necessary, damaged sections can be replaced to maintain the integrity of the insulation.

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