Foundation Insulation

The foundation wall represents the wall and floor areas of the building that contacts with soil. The basic principle in foundation wall insulation is that thermal insulation frames the structure externally. The external insulation of foundation walls reduces heat losses and extends the building life by protecting the basic structure against external effects with a good water insulation.

Product Details and Application Areas

The advantage of external insulation on foundation wall is that it covers the building without forming a thermal bridge and protects the water insulation membrane from mechanical damage. It is beneficial that external insulation is made on not heated volumes with soil contact. If there is a need for a change in the future, it is significant because it doesn’t require insulation work again to use energy efficiently together with comfort conditions.

In order to prevent heat losses that may occur from the floor for energy saving, comfort and protection of the building, a continuous and reliable thermal insulation should be made. Without being dependent on the condition of a current building or any structure whose construction is ongoing, WARM THERM XPS can be located on or under the floor concrete. However, the floor structures where insulation is used under floor concrete are exposed to some loads. For instance, service loads (forklift, truck..etc.), static and dynamic loads and loads during the construction phase of a building. Insulation panels used in foundation walls and floors should resist these loads and these aspects of WARM THERM XPS panels are at maximum.

WARM THERM XPS Insulation Panels can be used under the floor coverings for the below listed application areas:

  • Floor concrete between continuous footings,
  • Load bearing Concrete Foundation (i.e. Slab foundation),
  • Floor coverings for Industrial purposes; such as the weight of high shelves, forklift and truck traffic,
  • Air vehicle hangars,
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