Roof Thermal Insulation

Product Details and Application Areas

In the non-trafficable flat roof application, after pouring slope alum on floor, bitumen emulsion coating application is made. Following the double bitumen water insulation coat, WARM THERM XPS insulation panels are laid freely. Care should be given to place the panels on the joints properly. A filter element and a cover that functions as separating pad is laid on the WARM THERM XPS Insulation Panels. In order to make weight and reflect sunlight, pebbles are put on the pad.

Trafficable terraces on the roof, all layers from concrete floors to surface coating are applied as it is in non-trafficable flat roof application. Slope alum is poured on concrete floor and additional bitumen emulsion coating is applied. Double bitumen water insulation coat sticks to the surface and WAW THERM XPS Insulation panels are laid freely.

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Thermal Insulation on Jerkin-Head Roofs

Applying WARM THERM XPS extruded polystyrene panels by placing them on the roof board makes it possible to project the garret and the wooden structure (rafters) in a way that they are seen inside. In this case, the roof board applied on the rafters or OSB panels become more aesthetic with a decorative wooden view inside.

Bitumen water insulation membrane applied on roof board or OSB panel functions as a vapor barrier under the insulation panels and in the warm side apart from its water insulation function. Another solution is to directly lay vapor-permeable water insulation coat on thermal insulation. According to condensation calculations, a vapor equalizer can be placed if needed under thermal insulation in order to prevent air tightness although generally not needed.

Insulation Panels which are supported with an eaves plate at the equal height with the thickness of insulation starting from eaves, are placed without forming thermal bridges and in a way that they are tightly connected. WARM THERM XPS Panels are attached to roof board by using special stop member in order to prevent flying.

In case roof space is used and when rafters are required to be coated aesthetically without being seen under roof space, WARM THERM XPS Panels can be fitted below between the rafters and insulation can be done in jerkin-head roofs. Thermal bridges that will occur on the rafter points can be ignored as long as they are wooden rafters. Yet, thermal bridges on steel construction rafters must be insulated.

Water inhibiting coating is placed on thermal insulation and wooden boards are placed on it in the direction that will ensure water spill and wooden boards on which bricks are placed, are laid on them in the eaves direction. WARM THERM XPS Insulation Panels can be permanent under the wooden boards and also they can be placed without leaving any space in between. Leaving space in parallel to slope on

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