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Check out our Special Practices such as Cold Storage Thermal Insulation, Thermal Insulation Under Parquet, Aluminum Foil Coated Panel.

Cooling is a pretty more costly process than heating. An effective thermal insulation and vapor barrier used in a proper place are significant for cold storages to function properly and economically. The technical and hygiene standards determined for cold storage are quite high. For 30 years, XPS products have been used in cold room and cold storage thermal insulation in Europe. With an insulation layer in correct thickness, WARM THERM XPS panels provide permanent and reliable solution and minimum energy consumption.

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WARM THERM -SS Polystrene Insulation Panels are used under parquet, on internal walls, under wallpapers and under floor coverings as ceramics and alum. Based on thickness, it contributes to thermal insulation while also increasing the lifetime of floor coverings as laminate and parquet that are sensitive to humidity and moisture.

Warm Therm – AL is produced in order to increase the performance of desert panels more. Thanks to this combined product, the ideal insulation value is provided and thanks to the aluminum foil coated on it, the present humidity is prevented successfully. Aluminum foil also increases insulation performance to the top level with the saving provided through radiation.

Thikness (mm) Panel Sizes (cm) Number of Panels Amount of Package Caracteristics
3 80x125 50 pcs. 50 m² SS-AL
4 80x125 35 pcs. 35 m² SS-AL
5 80x125 25 pcs. 25 m² SS-AL
6 80x125 25 pcs. 25 m² SS-AL
8 80x125 20 pcs. 20 m² SS-AL
9 80x125 15 pcs. 15 m² SS-AL
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