What is Rock Wool?

Stone wool is a building material that provides excellent protection against heat and cold. Among the reasons why stone rock wool is often preferred is the climate comfort it provides in four seasons. Heat , sound , fire insulation can be provided with stone wool . Stone wool is resistant to heat above 1000 degrees. You can create more comfortable living spaces for yourself and your loved ones by choosing stone wool building material.


What is Rock Wool ?


Rock wool is a plumbing material that protects us from hot and cold. Rockwool provides periods and facilitates heating and ventilation. Your seasonal clothes with stone wool. By melting 13-1400 degrees of basalt stone, which is a rockwool rock, it will be50 and the volcano will be formed. Basalt is a black and hard rock. This road is also used as a building block. Some basalts about fibers are made in various, desired sizes. Stone wool heat and sound insulation can also be made. Stone wool is resistant to all temperatures of 1000 degrees and above. With stone wool, it saves time for people, which can be experienced in disasters such as fire etc. Stone wool is preferred for sound fire and geothermal heat.


Stone Wool Properties

  • Stone wool is melted at 1350°C-1400°C and becomes fiber.
  • It is produced with various plates according to its usage, purpose, size and technical features.
  • It has heat, sound and fire insulation.
  • It does not deteriorate over time.
  • It is economical.
  • It provides acoustic comfort.
  • The thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) is between 0.036 W/mK and 0.040 W/mK.
  • It does not deteriorate even if it is exposed to heat or humidity.

Insulated Rock Wool


Stone wool is a building material that is used in many areas. Depending on the usage area of stone wool, there may be changes in size and density. Stone wool usage areas are as follows;

  • It is used as heat, sound and fire insulation on exteriors.
  • It is used in steel doors.
  • It is used on roofs.
  • Stone wool is used to provide heat and sound insulation in many areas, including stairs and elevator shafts.

Rock Wool Fireproof

Stone wool is often preferred because it provides thermal insulation. Stone wool, which is highly resistant to fire, saves us time in case of a possible disaster. Stone wool is divided into two as binder and binder-free. Stone wool without binder is cast. Stone wool can withstand up to 750 degrees without binder and up to 650 degrees with binder. Stone wool is in the A2 fire resistance class, which is a ‘mostly non-combustible’ material. Stone wool warehouse, gallery, etc. It is used openly in places where air or contact areas are low, such as In living areas and busy places, it must be used together with non-combustible products in the form of an angle plate.

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